Stanford University in Palo Alto

Getting to Stanford University in Palo Alto from the Red Cottage Inn & Suites is a lot easier than getting into this school of higher education as a student. It's only a short drive to the sprawling campus, which, at more than 8,000 acres, is among the biggest in the country.
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Stanford Education.

The Stanford undergraduate degree program is designed to achieve balance between depth of knowledge acquired through specialization and breadth of knowledge gained through exploration.

As for the graduate program, nearly 8,000 students in 63 departments and programs are currently pursuing
graduate degrees.
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Menlo Park Hotel
Menlo Park California Site Seeing

Stanford Site-seeing.

If you're into exploring on your own, you'll have a plethora of provocative places to visit, including the Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Hoover Institution and Hoover Tower, Rodin Sculpture Garden and Stanford New Guinea Sculpture Garden.

Stanford Athletics.

Stanford has won 70 NCAA team championships since 1980, as well as nine consecutive NACDA director's cup titles, awarded annually to the nation's most successful athletics program. From 1990 to 2002, Stanford athletes won 47 Olympic Medals and 39 individual NCAA championships.
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Stanford University School of Medicine.

Known worldwide for its world-class school of medicine as well as its hospital and clinics, Stanford has much to offer students and visitors alike.

You can learn all about the school in free one-hour, student-led tours.
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Menlo Park Hotel
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