Fine California Restaurants in the Palo Alto area

When you stay at the Red Cottage Inn & Suites in Menlo Park near Palo Alto, the restaurant world is your oyster. We are within walking distance or a short drive from excellent dining destinations in both Menlo Park and Palo Alto. What's more, we have worked with our favorite restaurants in the area to provide our hotel guests with exclusive
special discounts.

  • Restaurant: Celia's Mexican Restaurant
    Cuisine: Mexican
    Phone: 650-321-8227
  • Restaurant: Tamerine
    Cuisine: Vietnamese
    Phone: (650) 325-8500
  • Restaurant: Left Bank Brasserie
    Cuisine: French Bistro
    Phone: 650-473-6543
  • Restaurant: Café Barrone
    Type of Cuisine: Cafe
    Phone: (650) 327-0830
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